ufw: add ability to restore ipset to support sshguard

IL Ka kazakevichilya at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:53:00 UTC 2021


I use ``sshguard`` to protect ssh server.
One of its usages is based on ipset: it simply fills ipset with bad ip
and you block connections when source is in this address,
``m set --match-set sshguard4 src -j DROP``

With ufw this can be added to ``rules.before``, but ufw starts before
``sshguard``, so it doesn't see this set, and simply fails leaving my
machine with an empty INPUT chain with DROP policy :)

People even write systemd units that run before ufw just to create ipset


While I can use chains instead of ipset (unlike ipset, a chain could be
created with ufw) I believe
ipset is a better solution of the huge list of IP addresses.

``netfilter-persistent`` tool loads ipset before iptables, so there is no
such problem there.

I think ``ufw`` must have the ability to create an empty ipset to be
compatible with sshguard.

All of that could be probably solved with ``nft``, but I am not sure if it
is stable enough
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