iCal support?

Bruce Pieterse dev at santura.co.za
Fri Oct 16 15:30:17 UTC 2020

On Fri, 2020-10-16 at 11:23 +0200, Matej Kovacic wrote:
> OK, I will give it a try.
> However, on a more serious note... I am long time Ubuntu user and
> Ubuntu
> is my ONLY operating system for years. Even at my job.
> Often it is not easy to be the only Linux user in business windows
> environment.


> That is why I think Ubuntu needs to greatly improve calendar support.
> I
> am really missing tight integration of calendars in Ubuntu. And like
> it
> or not, Google, Microsoft and other calendar should be fully
> supported.

Evolution does this well. Hence the reason I recommended it to you when
you mentioned for business purposes in your last e-mail.

It works well with Microsoft Exchange and Nextcloud, which is my
current environment.

> Gnome Calendar has some serious and weird issues. Thunderbird
> calendar
> integration is very poor. I would really like that developers give a
> little more attention to that.

I agree. Those are great if you don't use Exchange, other integrations
or don't need a something heavy to view and create calendar entries.

> Because as I see things, calendar and task management in business
> world
> is very important. Especially when we all try to work online.

I agree.

> It would be nice to get some feedback from developers if they have
> any
> plans to look at those issues in a near future or not.

I think it boils down to user freedom and choice and the development
roadmap of the respective projects. As mentioned earlier, if you are
looking for a simple mail client Geary and Thunderbird is great. If you
need something more than that, Evolution would be the next best thing.
After Evolution, I wouldn't know what to recommend, but I haven't
reached that point yet.

If you want to see better Calendar support for Thunderbird, you will
probably have to reach out to the Thunderbird + Lightening developers
on the relevant bug trackers. For GNOME Calendar, you would have to
reach out to the GNOME developers on their bug trackers.

Evolution is a GNOME project, so you can reach out the GNOME developers
if you have any ideas that can improve Evolution, if you decide to use

> Regards,
> Matej
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