iCal support?

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at telefoncek.si
Thu Oct 15 19:29:56 UTC 2020


> I've only seen ICS file support in various specific mail/calendar
> clients.  Which mail client(s) or calendar clients are you using? 
> (Thunderbird + calendar plugins seem to work fine)
I am using Thunderbird and have Lighting (and Google calendar). I can
see calendar entries, but I don't know how to send other people an
invitation mail with ICS file attachment.

It seems that KOrganizer can send email invitation for single event as
an ICS file, but unfortunately KOrganizer in my Ubuntu does not want to
send emails with some weird error (cannot connect to D-BUS something...).

BTW, when I receive ICS attachment, Thunderbird shows me event, I can
even accept the event, but I am really missing an option, that event
will be added to my Google calendar (in my case it is added to local
calendar in thunderbird, which means it is not synchronized with phone).



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