Thunderbird 68.1.2 OAUth2 issue - unable to add google account

Mariusz Kliber mariusz at
Mon Nov 18 12:21:58 UTC 2019


There seems to be an issue with every version of Thunderbird prior 68.2.1,
where you can't add gmail account using OAuth2. When adding an account the
`web browser` login prompt comes up to enter google credentials and once I
click allow Thunderbird, the `web browser` window disappears and
thunderbird account wizards says:  "Unable to login at server. Probably
wrong configuration, username or password."
I've noticed the issue in Ubuntu 19.10 (Thunderbird 68.1.2) but was able to
replicate it in Ubuntu 18.04 as well. The issue has been fixed in version

I'm new to Ubuntu and not entirely sure where I should report this issue. I
would appreciate if someone can reproduce the issue and help include the
patched version in the official repository.
Best regards,
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