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Matej Kovačič matej.kovacic at
Fri Mar 29 19:46:28 UTC 2019


as I understand, default backup application in Ubuntu is DejaDup.
Unfortuately, DejaDup is by my experience not very reliable and has
quite terrible support.

By my opinion this is a serious problem, since Ubuntu needs reliable and
quality built-in backup solution.

My suggestion is to replace DejaDup with BorgBackup:

It has also quite nice GUI, called Vorta:

Both are working on Linux and MacOS, BorgBackup is also supported on ARM

Vorta is licensed under GPL3, however BorgBackup is not GPL'ed, but has
an open licence and using it in Ubuntu should't be a problem (and in
case of any ambiguities, you can at least try to talk to authors).

I would be glad if you would consider this option.



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