No localization available for Thunderbird Lightning (open bug since early 2010!)

Rolando Gorgs rolando.gorgs at
Thu Jan 3 02:52:31 UTC 2019

I probably used the wrong words. The Thunderbird people are well aware of
this mess (and there are several closed bug reports on this topic over at
Bugzilla) but they stated that Thunderbird is ok but the ubuntu package for
thunderbird is broken and has to be fixed by its maintainer. The thing is
... 'ubuntu core developer mailing list' is listed as the 'maintainer' of
Thunderbird package:

But the fact, that this bug ( is
ignored for so many years now brings me to the conclusion that nobody cares
for this package anymore. So is there any person who is responsible for
this package and is able to fix it? Or will Thunderbird translation be
broken forever? ;-(

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