ONE of my computers won't boot Ubuntu 19.04 (only) thumb drives

A. Richard Miller TheMillers at
Mon Apr 15 18:20:05 UTC 2019

Hi, All:

Perhaps this SHOULD be a worry before Thursday's release. Please advise...

For years, I've used UNetBootIn to burn draft Ubuntu .iso files and test 
or install them on our computers at MMS, for our client Ubuntu users, 
and at our monthly FOSS User Group meetings in Natick, Massachusetts, USA.

That worked for draft desktop Ubuntu 19.04, too - until about two months 
ago. It still works on two of the three computers on which I test. But 
since SOMETHING changed, I get a black screen, or repeating attempts to 
read the thumb drive, on a Dell Inspiron 11-3157 netbook. (One of the 
working computers is a near-identical Dell 11-3147 netbook!) I can still 
boot and install successfully on the balky netbook, too, with Ubuntu 
earlier than 19.04 using the same thumb drive or any other.

Newer .iso downloads and burns don't help. Other burner programs 
(Startup Disk Creator, MultiWriter) don't help. Burning on a different 
computer doesn't help. Burning onto other thumb drives* doesn't help. 
(Although they ALL work on other computers.)

*- I've seen ONE exception. Less than two weeks ago, a friend burned the 
daily .iso using his current Fedora and its default burning app, and 
that thumb drive DID work on my netbook. (Sorry; I don't have it, and 
don't know which app.)

Any ideas? Might this affect other users out there?

Thanks, from
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	Co-Leader, FOSS User Group at Natick Community-Senior Center 

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On 4/11/19 5:00 PM, Adam Conrad wrote:
> As of seventeen seconds ago, disco has entered the Final Freeze period
> in preparation for the final release of Ubuntu 19.04 next week.
> The current uploads in the queue will be reviewed and either accepted
> or rejected as appropriate by pre-freeze standards, but anything from
> here on should fit two broad categories:
> 1)*Release critical bugs that affect ISOs, installers, or otherwise 
> can't be fixed easily post-release.*
> 2) Bug fixes that would be suitable for post-release SRUs, which we
>     may choose to accept, reject, or shunt to -updates for 0-day SRUs
>     on a case-by-case basis.
> For unseeded packages that aren't on any media or in any supported
> sets, it's still more or less a free-for-all, but do take care not to
> upload changes that you can't readily validate before release.  That
> is, ask yourself if the current state is "good enough", compared to
> the burden of trying to fix all the bugs you might accidentally be
> introducing with your shiny new upload.
> We will shut down cronjobs and spin some RC images late Friday or early
> Saturday once the archive and proposed-migration have settled a bit,
> and we expect everyone with a vested interest in a flavour (or two) and
> a few spare hours here and there to get to testing to make sure we have
> another uneventful release next week.  Last minute panic is never fun.
> On behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team,
> ... Adam Conrad

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