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John john.r.moser at
Wed Sep 5 19:22:34 UTC 2018


I haven't filed a bug for this.  Does anyone have objections to creating
/usr/share/pam-configs/access with the following content:

Name: Account access configuration
Default: no
Priority: 1000
Account-Type: Primary
        required nodefgroup listsep = ,

This allows one to check a box in pam-auth-update and use
/etc/security/access.conf to control access.  By default, all have access;
modifying access.conf allows you to restrict who can access the system, for

+ : (sudo) : ALL
+ : (unix administrators) : ALL
- : ALL : ALL

I don't know where to put this.  Either default pam install (yes, adding
another file) or a separate package (for one file?).  I'd like it to make
it into an 18.04 update.
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