No localization available for Thunderbird Lightning (open bug since early 2010!)

Rolando Gorgs rolando.gorgs at
Fri Nov 30 00:40:09 UTC 2018

Hello together,

this is my first mail on this list because I don't want to escalate 'small'
things that could better be solved within launchpad, but I really think
this very long lasting bug should be brought to your attention:

Since I remember the localization of Lightning - the Thunderbird Calendar -
in Ubuntu is broken (better to say: not present). In Ubuntu wikis all over
the world the recommended (dirty) workaround has ever been to avoid the
official xul-ext-lightning package and instead install Lightning via
Thunderbird Addon functionality.

This workaround often caused problems in the past because the Lightning
versions provided by Thunderbird Addons and the installed Thunderbird from
ubuntu packages didn't fit together.

Some months ago the Thunderbird people finally decided to distribute
lightning (and its localization) as integrated part of their official
downloadable thunderbird install package. Because of this they stopped the
distribution of separate lightning packages via Addons.

At this time there is no practical way to have Thunderbird + Lightning
completely translated in Ubuntu! The thunderbird localization of ubuntu
doesn't include lightning translation and xul-ext-lightning has no
localization too. The only way to get a working and localized Lightning is
to download the official Thunderbird package from,
extract the installer and copy the included (translated) lightning addon
into the right sub folder of your own thunderbird. (And those steps have to
be repeated manually for every new Thunderbird/Lightning version!)

Please (PLEASE) find a solution for this. The bugreport I linked above is
nearly nine years old but the problem itself exists even longer. I don't
see any progress here and I think this is due to misunderstanding and
confusion where the localization of lightning has to take place. In my
opinion the best solution would be to integrate lightning completely into
the ubuntu thunderbird package as the Thunderbird people did and then
provide the translation as part of thunderbird localization. But I'm
neither developer nor package maintainer. Perhaps a separate
xul-ext-lightning + separate localization is the better way. But please do
something! :-)

Thanks for time and your attention!

Golando Gorgs
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