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Tue Nov 13 07:09:50 UTC 2018

Hello Ubuntu Developers.
I am an enthusiastic daily linux user. I wants to points out that I am see
some challenges in the package management and it can be improved to deliver
better user experience and better accessibility. I know the package
management already works right away now.

I have just done a list about possible improvements for the future:

- Advancement for search options like searchable tags
- Better management to removing packages that depends on some strange
packages and can screw up the operating system that way.
- A system to make absolute sure the man pages is working correctly.
- Easy accessible way to figure out which dependencies that belongs to
which packages.
- Public accessible documents to describe the requirements for submitting
DEP packages to the official repository.
- I would be pleased, if I was know how to read manuals in PDF format about
managing packages like compiling from source and tips about better use of
the package management opportunities.
- A user friendly way to install artificial DEP packages that makes
different setups to predefined development environments.

Future development with Ubuntu is for me an exciting discovery. I could
possibly become interested with developing software programs to Ubuntu
operating system, if I was know how it was done without a constant high
learning curve.
Feel free to get in contact with me on this email address. Ignore my
inquiry, if there is nothing useful to adopt into your operating system.

Have a very great day. Good luck with keep developing on Ubuntu.
Thanks in Advance.

Kind Regards,
Andreas Gravengaard Larsen
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