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Wed Jun 27 07:16:43 UTC 2018

Issue A: .pdf exporting is like Hong Kong's Walled City

Some fonts in other languages don't render correctly in pdf. I created a 
repo duplicating the problem with multiple pdf export engines:

Bug report to LibreOffice:

This bug includes LibreOffice and Calligra, but the problem runs deeper. 
So, I submitted a bug report(above) implicating lowriter, but that won't 
fix everything. There are multiple pdf engines involved, as the repo 
(above) describes. Calligra's pdf exporter seems to be doing well with 
.odt, but not with .doc, which I think we all can accept. But, Calligra 
has other querks.

On review, I found too many terminal pdf engines, loaded with bugs. 
Could pdf engine cooperation and unification just be an idea discussed 
among developers? Is that okay to humbly suggest?

Issue B:

I want to simply highlight/select and "context menu > Print..." and 
entire directory of images. I can in W!nd at w$; not pretty, but it works. 
Even in a Linux image viewer app, I'd need to print each image one at a 


IMHO, any workplace-worthy, publishing-ready desktop OS needs these to 
be central and standard. Can lowriter (after it gets fixed) be made to 
work on exportable documents from the GNOME/Xfce context menu? Is there 
a command line tool to "print said images in this directory" with 
count-per-page and black-color options that could be made to also work a 
context menu -initiated GUI... or else an app be loaded-ready from the 
context menu?

Desktop power users (publishers, administrators) need standard PDF and 
image directory printing from the context menu. What about a native 
script called "dirprint" to handle open documents and images TO PRINT or 
TO PDF? I'll even write the BASH script if someone would just point me 
in the right direction and it has a prayer of getting into the 
GNOME/Xfce/KDE/Nautilus/Thunar/Dolphin/etc context menu.

Linux love to all!

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