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Romain Goffe romain.goffe at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 22:47:34 UTC 2018

Good evening,

I'm a long time ubuntu user that is really thankful for this wonderful
It's just that even as a developer, I don't know where to share this kind
of 'experience'.

It's late and I'm just hanging on the web, then I stumble upon a link to a
gif file, I genuinely click
and here is my screenshot (french locale) :

[image: Images intégrées 1]

There is a lot of wrong things going on here:
1. It did not open my gif file (firefox bug ?)
2. Something broke with ubuntu (gnome ?) software app and tried to display
an error message
3. This message was half translated
4. This message was half-informal (that's ok) and half really technical
5. The frame message was cut to display an unusable search widget
6. The software app took a large area of pixels to indicate that 'nothing
was found': I never asked for the software app to popup anyway -> maybe a
notification would have been more appropriate
7. Some encoding issue for "external application" label
8. Multiple 'Okular' entry
9. Image missing icon (massif-visualizer) vs No icon (LibreOffice based
10. Why is "LibreOffe XSLT based filters" a "user application" ?
11. Ok, that's a mime/type problem because now I see in 9px font size
grey-on-black a half translated message saying 'opening files
"application/octet-stream"' (not really meaningfull for a lot of people)

Btw, here is the link:

Best regards,

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