Ubuntu Monthly Update Cadence Proposal

Bryan Quigley bryan.quigley at canonical.com
Thu Feb 1 00:07:10 UTC 2018


Instead of releasing a version of Ubuntu every 6 months, we release
select core components of Ubuntu every month.  Updates to core
components would need to be staggered so that no closely coupled
components would see a major release within the same month.

We'd provide a newsletter every month before the core components land
and provide possible plans for the next 2 months.

There would be at least one additional place (PPA) to test every core
component update before it gets to -proposed.

My hypothesis is that this will help create stability and make the
monthly releases predictable enough that we will get more users than
we currently have on our non-LTS releases.

It would be possible to try this process for 18.10.  If it shows
itself to be an improvement, we can keep doing it indefinitely.  If
not, we can call it a failed experiment and release 18.10.

I wrote a good bit more about this proposal, including a possible list
of some core components and how the schedule would have worked for the
past year - https://bryanquigley.com/pages/papers/ubuntu-monthly-update-cadence.html

Thanks a bunch!

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