ubuntu-base: can't access tty; job control turned off

steve A steve.better at outlook.com
Sun Aug 12 13:42:38 UTC 2018

Hello, every one,

  I have some problem working with the ubuntu-base image. I build the linux kernel myself and follow the instructions here:


But the boot process just stuck with the following message:

[    2.077634] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
[    2.085871] VFS: Mounted root (ext4 filesystem) readonly on device 179:2.
[    2.095241] devtmpfs: mounted
[    2.099904] Freeing unused kernel memory: 1024K
/bin/sh: 0: can't access tty; job control turned off

The kernel works fine with a linaro-rootfs, so I can be sure that it's not a problem of the kernel.

I searched a lot. Many said that it had something to do with /etc/inittab, but It seems to be too old.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot!
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