It is time to use MATE DE as default desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Myself list at
Sun Oct 22 13:41:09 UTC 2017

Nrbrtx schreef op 22-10-2017 11:17:

> Why can not I change

> Why do we need this

> Why are the

> Why are the

> Why network indicator with a question mark is displayed in the tray on 
> normal Wi-Fi connection (sites in the browser open normally, ping 
> works)?

> Why is switching windows to <Alt+Tab> so slow?

> Why does the terminal open its new instances by default in a new 
> window?

> Why not

> Why can not I rename the title of the terminal or its tabs?
> Why does the installer

> Why can not I use the keyboard shortcut

> Why can not I right click to change

> Why all local disks are hidden in the Nautilus?

> Why do I need the "Other locations" button

> Why can not

> Why can not

Because they want to ruin your computer experience so that

a) You become less powerful
b) They become more necessary

c) Everyone bows to the great Gnome developers.

Not talking about Canonical.

And I actually believe there is something more nefarious at work here, 
something akin to "destroying something from within".

If Linux users once were the bastion of freedom, well...

They are rapidly turning into slaves I think.

I guess that's too opinionated for this list.

I just watch it happen with horror, that's all.

> the properties of the Gedit editor window, and instead the window just 
> minimizes? (see bug ).

They wanted to remove the buttons because you can click buttons and that 
was not the point of their operating system, something as functional as 

So they decided to remove the minimize button and give you an 
alternative in the form of right click.

Since the lady first testing it thought she could live with it, they 
went ahead with it.

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