vnstati: Incorrect title label "mounth" in ru_RU.UTF-8 locale

Daniel Llewellyn daniel at
Sun Mar 19 20:01:21 UTC 2017

On 18 March 2017 at 17:05, Alexander Andreev < at>

> Hello.
> command vnstat print this:

​This list is not meant for bug reports, but is for discussion of
development activities and direction.​

​Please file a new bug at Please ensure
that you include detail on what the problem is, because the following
output doesn't tell anyone who does not speak Russian what you are
referring to. Developers, Bug Wranglers, and other people reading the bug
will need an explanation of which label is wrong, why it is wrong, and
​what it should say instead.

It's always helpful to remember to explain what you did, what you expected
to happen, and what actually happened.

                      rx      /      tx      /     total    /   estimated
>  enp3s0f1: Not enough data available yet.
>  docker0: Not enough data available yet.
>  wlp2s0:
>     *мар **'17*         3,26 MiB  /    1,20 MiB  /    4,46 MiB  /    6,00 MiB         today      3,26 MiB  /    1,20 MiB  /    4,46 MiB  /       4 MiB
> command create file
> vnstati -s -i wlp2s0 -o ~/network.png
> [image: network]
> Encoding error
Which of those labels are you referring to as "mounth" (is that a
mis-spelling of "month", or are you referring to something else?), why is
it wrong, and what should it say? Please post your answers in the launchpad

Daniel Llewellyn
Bowl Hat
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