Meta key as default instead of alt to manipulate windows

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Sat Mar 18 11:55:39 UTC 2017


Most probably I stir up a hornets' nest, but this seems to be really old 
Alt+ is set to navigate windows. My idea is to set meta/super (winkey) 
as default.

Some apps (links below) use alt+click or alt+drag to do some things. But 
these are not some small apps: gimp, inkscape, krita, libreoffice, 
blender and freecad. I use Krita and Blender myself.
Here is list of functions related to alt+click or alt+drag inside apps 
that I'm aware of: ... g-and-Drop 
<> - 
replacing rows or columens ... ic_Objects 
<> - drawing 
from center - isolate layer view - polygonal selection 
subtract - change shape 
center while drawing - selecting modifier - show layer mask - select objects under - drag selected ... lect-loops 
- loop select when blender is set to left click ... ation.html 
- rotate view when in maya mode (selectable template on startup) - viewport navigation
As you can see if more sophisticated manipulation is involved alt+mouse 
is used.

When I've googled around I've found lots of links about that issue: ... d-shortcut 
<> ... w-dragging 
<> ... e-shortcut 
<> ... ove-window 
<> ... nder-2-70/ 

My point is, that changing alt to meta will eliminate these questions 
and make new people life easier. I'm aware of alt+drag or alt+click 
being old shortcuts and most linux users are somewhat used to it, but 
these users most probably know their system and are able to set that if 
they use it. If you are user of one of apps above most probably you have 
done it already. Alt and meta are next to each other on keyboard, so 
swapping them is IHMO not eliminating feature from window manager. It 
frees needed key and makes system use currently unused, system related 
that apps will not use.

Gnome devs changed that behavior almost 6 years ago, yep that's 
irrelevant, but here is reason why they did it:
"Some applications (mostly graphics) use alt-click and alt-drag for
actions, which conflicts with the current default; change the default
modifier to <Super>, which is already prominently used as overview
key, so using it for other window manager functionalities is pretty
reasonable." ... 33c4782604 

It is default behavior in Fedora now. Somehow it's not for Ubuntu both 
Unity and Gnome. For me swapping alt to meta is like adding meta as 
kickoff menu.

Best regs.
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