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Sun Jul 23 19:38:29 UTC 2017

Ralf Mardorf schreef op 23-07-2017 14:04:
> Btw. sometimes I want tabs and sometimes I want individual windows.
> IMO it's strange to provide multiple desktop workspaces, but making it
> hard to chose between a new tab or a new window for some apps.

Yeah, I have no immediate issue with tabs and I don't mind it for my 
webbrowser (in fact I like it that way) but when I am using notepad like 
programs I like my tasks to be separate.

The fact that opening a new instance then activates the existing window 
and adds a tab there is really annoying. Generally speaking if I want a 
tab I will be able to create one. The amount of time that I actually 
open existing files with a notepad application is minimal. Usually I do 
it to write or copy something new.

It seems there is much more discussion on the forums that were also 

But I'm not much of a Reddit/Slashdot user ;-).

Anyway, good luck with it.

Some suggest using Gnome-only apps but I think that is a downfall. For 
some it is important that apps all behave the same way (e.g. with 
theming and accessibility) but for the majority I would expect that 
using well-known best-in-slot applications that are also used in e.g. 
Windows is the preferred thing to do. For example that means VLC over 
MPV. Nobody seems to have a good choice for music player, some saying 
that not a good one exists. I have seen one person recommend Clementine; 
it is really for me a reason to boot Linux, because I don't have 
anything useful on Windows anymore.

Amarok is for me unusable; strange then that its fork is so nice.

There is actually a bunch of people recommending Clementine. But anyway.

Good luck.

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