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Sun Jul 23 09:31:51 UTC 2017

Ralf Mardorf schreef op 22-07-2017 19:24:

> It kills all three windows of xed, but just one of the three windows of
> xfw.

Aye, thank you for that.

Xfw is the window in the lower right here, right?:


Doesn't look so bad, and at least it is a normal editor.

I mean it's not that pretty but I'm sure you can theme it right.

Anyway, I am sure I can bicker with Xed to make sure all invocations use 

But the point is not for me solely. I cannot change other people's 
installations. The questions was what apps should be there. I have just 
said that, in your words then, xed --new-window would do the trick. 

Since Xed is a GTK application that shouldn't even be an issue. But 
anyway, I don't decide these things. I just think it is a good (or 
better) alternative to gEdit.

I am just saying what I think would help the most people. That's all.

What _I_ want is not important. But I hope that what other people want, 


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