the right to make a difference

concernedfossdev at concernedfossdev at
Wed Jun 1 21:57:54 UTC 2016

To my knowledge, the intention of most of those who license their work out under the GPL is essentially to recieve a different form of payment:

Rather than demanding a monetary reward upfront, the hope, and the license is the written vehicle for the possible fulfillment of that hope, is that the reward will be payed in labour.

IE: Rights holder puts this work out free, under the expectation than any furthur work done on it will come back to him.

It is very unfair for a licensee to then take pains to ensure that the additional labour, the work, never is returned to the original licensor.

In the linux world, I recall clearly, this was very much the stated /reason/ to use the GPL over the BSD license.

That is the trade off is no payment upfront, but payment in kind later. Here Brad Spengler is taking from the original licensor, but has decided now that the other side of the deal he will not uphold.

So I think the unfairness is very much there now. Spengler is now actually getting something for nothing, where before he was not, and the whole intention of many of the contributors to linux has been subverted.

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