LibreOffice and Canonical

Jason Benjamin hexusnexus at
Wed Jul 27 22:30:10 UTC 2016

With Canonical joining The Document Foundation Advisory Board will 
there be any changes to the LibreOffice code?

Right now I have experienced problems with the look-and-feel of 
LibreOffice on Ubuntu.  It looks okay with the default look but the 
scrollbars don't match the Gtk 3 interface.  If the Gtk 3 Swing plugin 
is used, the dark elements and bright elements in the program don't 
like right and are sometimes hidden no matter which icon theme is used.

I know that SWT is usually associated with Eclipse, but it can be 
compiled with support for native Gtk 2 or 3 using native system calls 
in Java.  This might take a lengthy rewrite, but I feel this is an 
important suggestion.

Just making this comment, but I'm thinking of finding the right list to 
bring this up to LibreOffice to at least know where they're going with 
this and if the look-and-feel will ever be improved.

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