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Thu Jul 21 04:00:13 UTC 2016


I think you hit it on the head with the house numbers... Eventually, 
people will just get a house in a different neighborhood if things 
become too stupid where they live.

Thx also for the follow-up on the code.  Too bad there is no easy fix 
outside of boot params.


PS: in 12.04, one of my MB NIC's came in as dev "virbr0"... perhaps 
"en[whatever]" is not so bad after all...

On 7/20/2016 8:00 PM, Xen wrote:
> Markus Lankeit schreef op 20-07-2016 23:54:
>> Hi Xen,
>> Thanks for going to bat for us on this--sorry that no one wanted to
>> hear you.  Odd that a Debian dev would balk at this... Last I loaded
>> the latest Debian (about a month ago), I got the good-old "ethx"
>> interface names.  Hmm....
>> Totally agree with your assessment that the argument "for" this new
>> naming scheme is ludicrous and illogical...  Thankfully, there is a
>> relatively simple way to disable this scheme (
> Yes. But... I don't like changing boot parameters for this (it means 
> the sanity of my system is now wholly dependent on my bootloader's 
> configuration file, which is a dependency I do not want to have; any 
> form of alternative booting of the kernel now *also* needs to 
> reference those parameters for the system to keep functioning as 
> normal (if it uses any firewall scripts or the like) which is 
> something I don't want and don't want to invest in.
> It should be purely based on on-disk structures that either just 
> belong to /etc, (preferably) or get added to the initrd.
> The udev rule is convenient enough except that udev is 
> incomprehensible so the only way to manage this is to keep a notition 
> of this in some convenient internet location of your own because 
> invariably you are going to lose access to wherever you have stored 
> it, and you can't memorize this or produce it from memory.
> Meaning, unless you have some trustworthy access to this information 
> you will not be able to reproduce it when you configure a new system 
> and you will just forget and not care.
> Which seems to be the intent of the designers: that it is so hard or 
> inconvenient that most people just won't bother and use the default.
> Hence, more people using what they want.
> I believe the way to turn off the system is to do:
> ln -s /dev/null /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
> Which I did in the beginning but I can never remember the name.
> At a certain point I fixed my static IP in a central dnsmasq config 
> file so my static IPs are getting fixed through DHCP but before I 
> definitely didn't have this facility and simply preferred to use 
> /etc/network/interfaces which became hideous under this system.
> I still don't like seeing this enp4s0 (under the previous motherboard 
> it was enp3s0, go figure) whenever I look under the hood and detest it 
> to the bone.
> It is like calling a house in a street with no other houses, house 
> number 2530.
> 2530 Empty Street.
> Why 2530? Well, the hash of the number of bricks used to built the 
> house was 2530, that's why.
> Makes sense right. right. Maybe I will use this thread to find this 
> information ;-).
> Regards.

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