Ubuntu 16.04 Secure Boot Policy

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Sat Jul 16 12:26:20 UTC 2016

Brendan Perrine schreef op 15-07-2016 8:26:

> Yes and secure boot is different for different usecases. I can see
> secure boot being geniunely useful for an atm on end not that I think
> there are implementations that use ubuntu that I know about. But if
> say you boot a malicous live os on the atm then have it empty all of
> its money that is a problem.  On the other end of the extreme physical
> acess attacks like this are really unlikely on my desktop in a
> residental home in the suburbs. I see it as being more likely to be
> annoying and not provide any useful security on the desktop while it
> could be useful on the atm.

The point was also that maybe you should prevent this from happening in 
the first place. If anyone is able to load a new OS/kernel on an ATM 
then you already have a massive breach of security.

I am simply suggesting that focussing on secure boot is focussing on the 
wrong area.

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