Installation Media and supportability of i386 in 18.04 LTS Re: Ubuntu Desktop on i386

Xen list at
Wed Jul 6 06:08:13 UTC 2016

Dimitri John Ledkov schreef op 30-06-2016 20:14:

> My current hunch is like this at the moment:
> - 18.04 to still have an i386 port in the archive, and be upgradable 
> to.
> - 18.04 not having desktop/server install media (however maybe even
> releases before that)
> - 18.04 has "ubuntu-desktop" but without security support
> - 18.04 on i386 having a limited security support, driven only by
> particular products if any are on the support timeline at the time

I'll just say I consider this the sanest post of this thread ;-).

Even considering Mark's smart outlook, I feel.

Consider people with low memory, that's all I can say. Improving stuff 
has always come at the cost of dumping old hardware and often it seemed 
as if the OS maker purposefully made their software slower and heavier 
just so that their partners could sell more shit.

Like twin stars circling around each other.

When a system with 2GB RAM becomes too little (e.g. Windows 8 64-bit is 
a hog) there is something not entirely right I feel. Java uses 32-bit 
pointers for systems or programs with less than 4GB available (to them), 
I don't know what can be done.

What Mark says. Linus recently (?) said in a speech how happy he was 
about multi-core processors that were developed for servers got a new 
life in smartphones, and suddenly Linux was very good in an area that 
was not expected.

So don't disregard the small. 64-bit is unnecessary for systems with 
less than a certain amount of RAM. He who cannot save a penny, shall 
never have a many.

Oh and "regular folks" running older computers are not going to be *as* 
concerned about security as they are usually machines for disadvantaged 
people in whatever sense of the word. These are people that are happy 
they *have* a good computer. But being able to run something on it that 
is at least reasonably modern, is definitely a plus (to them).

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