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On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 3:31 PM, Contact Orielstar <contact at>

> Folks,
> I'm almost embarrassed to bother you with this - it's such a small issue -
> but still, I guess we need to know about everything big or small...
> I have 3 DNS servers set up in my network connection, and when I go to
> connection information it shows me the Primary, Secondary and *Ternary*
> DNS ips. I'm sorry to be pedantic, but “*Ternary*” means “having three
> parts”. Operators in C# can be unary, binary or *ternary* – they take
> one, two or three operands. “*Tertiary*” means “third in order”.
Hi Dave,

thanks for taking the time to report this. Details are important :)
I'm not familiar with the codebase, but I tracked down the bug to be in the
package network-manager-applet.

Would you please file a bug?
Click on "Report a bug" on the right ^


On this basis, it should be  Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (not Ternary)
> DNS. If you would like to argue that it's an operand with 3 parts, then it
> should be Unary, Binary and Ternary DNS, however, the DNS servers are hit
> in order so I think P/S/T is correct.
> Cheers,
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