request for signed shim 32 bit installation

Bert Verbeek bert at
Sun Jan 31 15:41:55 UTC 2016

Dear developers,

I tried Launchpad first, but that led not to an answer.

So, I restate my question here:

I have bought a Peaq c1011 laptop (Intel atom z3725F, 64bit, nice device 
with excelent display).
After reading on the net and trying to install Ubuntu on this laptop for 
weeks I failed.

This is a 32 bit efi system with Windows 10 preinstalled, also 32 bit. 
It has secure boot enabled by default, *which I can not disable* via the 
efi setup and/or efi shell. So I am stuck. The first PC in 25 years 
where I cannot install linux, very frustrating. Iḿ stuck with MS WINDOWS 10.

The only option to me for installing linux on this machine seems to be 
that Ubuntu makes a signed 32 bit version of the shim package? (I can 
see that the third part MS key is stored in memory)

Are you planning such a package for this type of laptops in the near future?

I wait for your reply,
Thanks in advance,

Bert Verbeek

Bert Verbeek

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