Disabling deb-src by default

Usama Akkad uahello at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 08:38:34 UTC 2016


Source packages are enabled by default. I've commented the deb-src line
from my sources.list file and that saved the update servers 16 hit (out
of 87) when doing apt-get update
One of the package for the sources of the universe repository was 7 MB.

I've read the earlier discussion started in two list before

I wonder if I can open it again. I'm a normal user that do not like to
have that extra 16 hit on servers that I never need. I
also think it's better for Ubuntu servers and their mirrors. It will
save time, traffic and screen space :)

I've been on Ubuntu since 2008 and I do not remember downloading one
source package by apt.

Usama Akkad

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