building Ubuntu kernels on a Red Hat host

Roger W Nichols roger at
Wed Jan 13 21:37:03 UTC 2016


I have been tasked with building a set of cross compilation tools for our
development team, and have stumbled into an interesting problem.  We have
Ubuntu Trusty and Red Hat 6.7 based development workstations.  We are
targeting an Ubuntu based host, on multiple hardware architectures.  To get
all developers ability to have local builds of their sources (kernel
modules) run/ test on our targets I set up a Makefile to clone the Trusty
kernel tree, and build the -generic image with cross tools.  Everything
works fine for the Ubuntu development machines.  On the Red Hat development
machines, I found the debian/rules build-generic target was failing with a
shell error (unterminated `) in, target $

Turns out the raw_kernelversion variable was triggering a recursive make
from, which printed the directory information.  All the
`'" were confusing the shell, causing the error.  To fix the problem I
added --no-print-directory into

So, my question is.... Is this a bug? enhancement?  Is this even something
Ubuntu team wishes to address given the unusual setup we have which
triggered this?

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