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Tue Feb 23 09:53:15 UTC 2016


this mail is sent via CC to ubunutu-devel, because I am not 100% sure if
the found formating issue might originate from some ubuntu issue. on Ubuntu Xenial would not work correctly for me.
Only one of the guests would be correctly suspended while the others
were killed violently.

Package: libvirt-bin
Version: 1.3.1-1ubuntu2

The script writes a list of the VMs it will manage into
/usr/lib/libvirt/libvirt-guests but I noticed it was in the format:

<url> <vm uuid>
<vm uuid>
<vm uuid>

and only the first VM was handled. After reading through the script and
doing some try & error patches, I figured that the correct format should be:

<url> <vm uuid> <vm uuid> <vm uuid>

i.e. with no new lines. The attached patch makes sure the returned list
of VMs does not contain new lines. This fixed the issue.

Additionally I would suggest adding an information message on line line 444.
      [ -f "$LISTFILE" ] && return 0
      [ -f "$LISTFILE" ] && echo "No VMs started by,
not doing anything." && return 0

Michael Gajda
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