Running ImageJ fails

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Aug 31 08:45:41 UTC 2016

On 30 August 2016 at 22:54, Карлен Плузян <karlkorp at> wrote:
> Running imagej fails with the following message:
>    Open other images in this ImageJ panel as follows:
>      imagej -p 3 <image1> [<image2> ... <imageN>]
>    No JVM found to run ImageJ
>    Please apt-get install a JVM to run ImageJ or
>    set JAVA_HOME if it's not a JVM from a Debian Package.
> even though multiple JVM's are installed here.
> Bug #1556997 reported by Václav Šmilauer on 2016-03-14
> Pleas, **FIX**this bug in the current LTS release (16.04)

As mentioned in comment #6 on that bug [1] the solution is for someone
to request an SRU of the fix into Xenial



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