Suggestion for later versions of Unity

MathUHenry mathuhenry at
Thu Aug 4 16:13:06 UTC 2016

I would like to suggest the following tweak for future versions of Unity:

My only annoyance with Unity is that the close/minimize/maximize buttons of
a full-screen window is tucked behind the launcher. This is an eye-sore and
it places the close button directly next to the launcher, causing windows
to frequently be unintentionally closed.

Please run the launcher bar all the way to the top (looks cleaner) and
separate the close button to the right-side of the bar. This isolates the
close button from everything else so it won't be hit on accident. For
full-screen windows, put the close button to the right of the system
toolbar. To access the toolbar, I can click anywhere on the toolbar and go
to the item of interest. To close the window, I can just jam the pointer to
the corner. This arrangement prevents any accidental proximity clicks from
having negative consequences and I believe it looks much cleaner.

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