install android apk in ubuntu

Colin Law clanlaw at
Thu Aug 4 10:41:11 UTC 2016

On 4 August 2016 at 11:31, hadi <hmirally at> wrote:
> On ۱۶/۰۸/۰۴ 12:18, Colin Law wrote:
>> On 3 August 2016 at 18:46, hadi <hmirally at> wrote:
>>> hi dear
>>> i can`t run andriod apk in ubuntu.please help me!
>> Are you talking about Ubuntu Phone or Ubuntu on a PC?
>> Colin
> ubuntu on a pc

Please reply to the list not to the poster directly. Thanks.

This is not an issue for discussion on this list, which is for
development issues. You would be better asking on the ubuntu-users

However to get you going, you cannot run an android app directly, but
you can run it in an emulator in android studio. I believe you can do
this by
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-developer-tools-center
udtc android

If you have further questions please ask on the users list.


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