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Wed Sep 30 21:10:38 UTC 2015

Hello Subhamod,

Everybody appreciates your enthusiasm. It's great to see people eager to learn. 

As you might have noticed, Ubuntu is a GIANT project, based on an even bigger project: Debian. 

I would not recommend you to download all Ubuntu sources to learn - it's just overwhelming. It's like learning the physics of avionics by downloading all the blueprints of the Concorde. 

If you are starting, there are two ways: 

- start small. Try to reimplement malloc(), for example. Try to reimplement the scheduling system. Write a driver for a file system, or for a USB device. Something like this. Or a compiler. 
- do it thorough with something simpler. The Tannenbaum books about operating systems are good. You can write your own os from scratch with them. 

That said, here is how to get source code of packages on both Debian and Ubuntu:

Alexandre Strube

> Em 30 de set de 2015, às 17:31, Subhamoy Roy <subhamoy1 at> escreveu:
> Dear Sir,
> I learn C,data structure and algorithms on C,operating system concepts but I want to learn more.I want to learn the source code of Ubuntu along with its kernel step by step.Please suggest me books,video tutorials,website links step by step guide through which I can master all these stuffs.Now I am a novice,but some day I want to become a Ubuntu developer and want to contribute to Ubuntu like you.
> Thank you in advance,
> Subhamoy Roy.
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