Please implement Click-lock

Markus M. jjggtt77 at
Wed Sep 23 14:01:44 UTC 2015

 >We need to know what exactly you want to do and what handicap you've
 >got. We also need to know which Linux alternatives didn't satisfy you.

This video describes Click-lock exactly:
It does not exist in Ubuntu at all. There is no such dialog, and the 
solutions from the web are very different. One of it e.g. makes you 
click much more. See here for a better explanation:

There's also a solution where you don't click. This will automatically 
click when the mouse is not moved for some time. I find it unusable, I 
have no idea how I could use this. I would have to find empty places for 
the mouse cursor all the time.

And there is a solution that can be done with the keyboard. But then you 
need to use mouse and keyboard together for just dragging something. 
It's about as complicated as not using Click-lock in the first place.


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