Porting Ubuntu to Samsung 4418 Boards

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Thu Nov 12 07:00:18 UTC 2015

Hi Dear Ubuntu Team,

This is Yuefei from FriendlyARM Computer Technology Co., Ltd and our company is an ARM board development company. Our English websites are: www.friendlyarm.com and www.nanopi.io 

We just released a Cortex A9 Quad Core (Samsung's 4418) ARM board - NanoPi2. The most significant features it has, besides its Cortex A9 chip, are a 40 pin header that is compatible with Raspberry Pi's and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It can do whatever the Raspberry Pi can do. In addition it only sells for $32.

CNX just released a newsletter about it:

Here is its wiki site:

Currently we have ported Debian Jessie 8 and Android to the NanoPi2. Due to our limited resources and tight schedule we may not be available to do Ubuntu in the near futrue.
I am writing this email to consult with you whether you are interested in using our boards in your applications and projects or would like to port Ubuntu to our NanoPi2? 

We have been developing ARM boards since we were established in 2005.
If you are interested in this cooperation we would be very happy to send you free samples and work with you.

Best Regards
Technical Support from FriendlyARM
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