Backport latest stable virtualization packages to LTS

Andrew Martin amartin at
Fri May 29 22:20:04 UTC 2015

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> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 03:27:33PM -0500, Andrew Martin wrote:
> > Thanks for the clarification; I am glad to hear that the Cloud Archive
> > PPA is fully supported for non-OpenStack deployments too.
> I'm not sure this is true. I have asked a colleague.

Thanks, I would appreciate clarification on this point.

> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 01:42:34PM -0500, Andrew Martin wrote:
>>                                                  ...however some major bugs have
>> been found that I think satisfy one of the "When" conditions. For example, I 
>> discovered a bug that would cause the on-disk XML for a VM defined by libvirt
>> to not be updated when a snapshot is taken:
> Are there bugs in Launchpad for this? If not, then developers can assume
> that nobody is affected, and so they may not get fixed as there is
> presumably no upside and only the risk of regression.

This bug is very similar, except I can reproduce the problem on precise too:

>From Eric Blake's commentsin the libvirt-users thread above, it sounds like there
were a number of improvements in several newer libvirt releases to address
problems where the active config was not being flushed to disk. It looks like the
particular code path in 1403841 has been fixed, however others seem to exist. I'm
not sure how feasible it would be to cherry-pick all fixes for this problem from
newer libvirt releases verses supporting a backport of newer stable libvirt.



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