Updating the libnice Package

Michael McConville mmcconville at mykolab.com
Tue May 26 22:32:26 UTC 2015

Hi, everyone.

The libnice package for 15.04 is currently on version 0.1.4-1. The
latest release, 0.1.13, builds without issue and passes all 'make check'
tests on my laptop running Xubuntu 15.04 amd64.

I care about this because I'm a GSoC student helping work toward
Pidgin's 3.0 release. For that to happen, the Farstream package will
need to be updated. Libnice is the only dependency of the latest
Farstream release whose apt package is not sufficiently recent on 15.04.

Here's the project page, with a link to the Git repo:


I'm not subscribed, so please cc me.

Thanks for your time.


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