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Le mercredi 20 mai 2015 à 11:18 -0400, Rodney Dawes a écrit :
> There is no "sponsorship" of bugs in Launchpad.

I think it's vitally important here to make sure things are clear: yes,
there is such as thing as "sponsorship". Once someone has a fix ready
that is both appropriate and well-executed (as reviewed by some person,
upstream or a "domain expert"), then developers can upload these fixes
for a contributor who has no upload access. It seems to me like this is
what Raphael was pre-emptively asking for.

However, it's *way* too early for this...

> If there is already a
> bug about the window controls, then simply make sure that ubuntu-ux is
> an affected project as well, and feel free to discuss details on
> implementation and design in there. However, please keep such discussion
> objective and technical, rather than filling it with the subjective
> commentary as is common with these sorts of polarizing religious topics.

I agree. This is a contentious issue that polarizes people, even though,
in the end, the actual location of the controls doesn't matter. We've
changed them once already and there was a lot of criticism. It seems
like now there'd be just as much, since people have gotten accustomed to
it, like it this way, etc.; just like there are others who are just
coming to Ubuntu and feel their placement is wrong.

If you want change to happen, the best way is to provide concrete
technical proof (studies?) that it's a better location -- anything else
boils down to personal opinion.

If what you're after is providing a setting so that users can customize
their systems, then you probably should bring this up on the appropriate
technical list (unity-design or unity-dev I guess?), so that domain
experts can say that it has already been considered, and why it wasn't
done yet.

Finally, if I can share a bit: when I concentrate on a window for an
extended period of time, it's maximized. This means I will have the menu
in the title bar, which is "integrated" in the top panel. Having the
window controls on the left in this case is fine since it would
otherwise be unbalanced to have even more icons on the right (plus these
icons have a vastly different purpose. Some are menu-like to effect an
action on the current window, the others provide global information
about my system. White space generally separates the two, unless the
window title is very long). The window controls also push the title
right just enough that it's almost lined up with the actual window,
rather than being above the Launcher.

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