Ubuntu Touch File System

Rodney Dawes rodney.dawes at canonical.com
Mon May 18 14:36:52 UTC 2015

All such data is stored underneath the home directory (~/phablet). Most
of the data is stored in XDG directories, for which the environment
variables are modified for each confined application, so that data is
not accessible by other applications.

On Mon, 2015-05-18 at 00:12 +0200, astavroulakis at os3.nl wrote:
> Dear Developing Team,
> My name is Alex Stavroulakis and I am working on an class project
> performing forensics on the new Ubuntu Phone (BQ Aquaris E4.5). The device
> has turned out a bit problematic and due to time restraints I am emailing
> you for some assistance.
> My task is to find where User Data is stored on the device. By that, I
> mean Call information, SMS logs of conversation, Emails (if such are
> stored on the device), maybe even Telegram secret chat conversations etc.
> I am mainly interested in which directories of the filesystem some of this
> information is saved and if it can be accessed in a forensically sound
> manner.
> I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to
> your answer.
> Sincerely,
> Alex Stavroulakis

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