Bug #518056 in Launchpad

Raphael Calvo raphael.calvo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 05:13:35 UTC 2015

*cedilla* *appears** as **accented** c (ć **instead* *of** ç) **when*
*typing** 'c*

We are close to a new Ubuntu version roll out.
There is a bug in Launchpad that IMHO affects millions of people and at the
same time enables a great impedance for Ubuntu to be embraced by
non-skilled users.
The bug is related to a prime user interface, i.e.,  keyboard mapping for
Latin languages.
While we(users) are some times amazed with several new features that Ubuntu
devs bring to us with each new version, I find myself stumbled for such a
simple bug with several workarounds and solutions identified not being

Could someone sponsor the implementation of this bug in the next release??

This bug needs a little love...
It has at least 4 years and it may be fixed with two lines of code.


Calvo, Raphael
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