Bug Triage Beginner question about package dependencies for file-roller

Dave Kokandy drkokandy at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 00:21:24 UTC 2015


I am getting started with bug management in Lubuntu, and one bug seems like
it would be fixed by making the package file-roller depend on "yelp"
(currently recommended, but not required).

That bug is 1409185: "File Roller help is missing in Lubuntu"

Summary: Trying to access file-roller's help section in Lubuntu fails and
gives a vague error. Works perfectly if yelp is installed.

Since Lubuntu has only a few GNOME components, yelp is not typically part
of an install, but it would be installed if file-roller depended on it (...

Is that something that could be made a dependency? Or is that not possible
because the help section is not core to the function of the app?

Or, if not, could another solution be to give a more clear error message
explaining that the reason help cannot load is because "yelp" is missing?

Thank you for reading this email. If this is not the appropriate venue for
this question, please let me know.

Dave Kokandy
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