mail binary from mailutils package 1:2.99.98-1.4 doesn't expand aliases

jfprevost at jfprevost at
Wed Jan 21 23:17:09 UTC 2015


This bug has been filed in 2004 in the debian bugtracker, but apparently closed by the maintainer
as he couldn't reproduce it.
I confirm that on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bits, the aliases declared in my home folder's .mailrc
are not expanding.
For example, if I declared a line "alias jfp j.f.prevost at" then when using the "mail jfp" comFor example, when declaring a "alias jfp j.f.prevost at" statement in my .mailrc file
then when calling "mail -s TEST jfp" then the mail is sent with jfp at localmachinename 
(localmachinename being my linux system's local host name) which is not correct and should not
Please (re)open a bug for this case until it gets *really* fixed.

Thanking you in advance.


Jean-François Prévost.

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