New version of package guidedog

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at
Sun Jan 4 09:25:16 UTC 2015

Hi Antonio,

>Hello Ubuntu guidedog package maintainers,

>Since guidedog is no longer part of Ubuntu probably because it has not
>be updated since Qt3, i decided to re-write it in pure Qt5, dropping the
>requirements for Python, CMake and KDE.

>Attached, you have a new version of guidedog, which has the same
>features as the original guidedog-1.0.0. It was written in QtCreator 5.
>There are no other requirements besides Qt5 and gawk.

>I know that Paul Cupis originally debianized the guidedog source code.
>The idea with this new version would be to make it again available in
>Ubuntu repositories for the newer Ubuntu versions, however,i don't have
>the knowledge to make it a package.

>Can you point me where would be the best place to upload the source code
>and someone that could help with the re-packaging of this tool?

thanks for your work, I can give you just a few starting points:


this is the old url package, that got removed from debian/ubuntu
the packaging is really old, so you might find better to start again from scratch,
rather than using that old packaging style.

2) I don't see any particular reason to package this game in ubuntu only.
You might consider packaging it into debian and get it automatically synced into ubuntu

Debian has a good pkg-games team, you will find many eyes to look at the package

(the list is at the bottom)

3) maint-guide

this might help you in starting your packaging journey

4) github, alioth, wherever

you can publish your source on github, alioth, or whenever you think is best for you, and 

ask people to review your code
(also debian mentors is a good place)

5) find your sponsor
your sponsor will review the debian packaging and upload when and if the package is suitable for 


6) play the game ;)

I don't have uploads permissions, but I can help you in finding a sponsor and in reviewing the
packaging if you put on a git repository.

(if nobody objects I would like to followup on 
pkg-games-devel at



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