PHP5-Common 5.2.6-6maemo5 removal errors, Nokia N900

David Watt monkeyman_stones at
Fri Feb 20 17:01:00 UTC 2015

Hello Ubuntu Developers,
       I had installed php5-common onto my Nokia N900 months ago (running Maemo 5), along with all of the other available php5 components for the device.  Upon use the language (syntax and components) was not familiar and I decided to delete all php5 components.  All but 1 component removed cleanly - php5-common, which fails each time a removal or autoremoval is attempted by the App manager and terminal.  It is now displayed as an available update, but the update also fails.
       If the Ubuntu Developers (or anyone at Ubuntu) could assist me in properly removing the broken php5-common (5.2.6-6maemo5) I would very much appreciate it.  I am prepared to provide you what you ask me for to correct this, but think it would be wothwhile and/or best to have specific terminal commands you outline, for such task. I did follow the forum for this specific problem (which other Maemo5 users have also experienced) but the outcome was the same.
       You can and should feel free to contact me at monkeyman_stones at or call me at USA (413) 534-1449 (but, that is the number for the device having the removal issue).  To reach me at a telephone number which is not connected to the device having the issue, please call USA (413) 322-9447.  As has been made clear to me many times, Ubuntu has (or, perhaps had) an office location in Boston and/or Worcester Massachusetts and I can travel there for direct interaction for easier assistance if Ubuntu Developers would prefer.

Thank you sincerely for your time, efforts and all help which you can and/or will provide me for this issue,

David A. Watt
105 Nonotuck Street
Holyoke, MA 01040-2524
H/Office: (413) 322-9447
Cell: (413) 534-1449
Primary: monkeyman_stones at (I check this multiple times per day)
Home: monkeyman_stones at (I check this once to twice per day)
Backup: monkeyman_stones at  (Mfe autochecked 4 times per day)
Backup 2: atcom_castdotnet at (Rarely checked by me)
Backup 3: monkeyman_stones at (checked once per day)

Thank you again for your time, consideration and efforts.
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