Go 1.3 is unmaintained/unsupported upstream

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 13 17:17:29 UTC 2015

John Lenton [2015-02-13 16:26 +0000]:
> Go 1.3.3, which we are shipping in Vivid, is unmaintained upstreamĀ¹
> (yes, despite being released less than six months ago).
> Would it be possible to move to 1.4 in vivid?

Better be quick, feature freeze is next Thursday :-) If you
prepare/upload a package and ensure that all packages that
build-depend on it are still working (we have 76: reverse-depends -b
src:golang), it should be fine. I suggest staging that in a PPA, and
once everything builds, upload the new golang-go, and any package
which needs updates to build with 1.4.

> This wouldn't fix the fact that it will become unmaintained in
> Vivid's timeframe

It's in universe, so inherently unsupported, and I figure at the
moment folks developing with Go would rather use some backports or a
PPA anyway?

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