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>Am Montag, den 09.02.2015, 10:02 +0000 schrieb ????? ???????:
>> Hello and sorry for any inconvenience since this is my first attempt
>> to post.
>> When ubuntu is installed a default user with "admin" rights is
>> created. After that any user created has the ability to view the
>> folders of any other user even if this new user is a simple user. This
>> is not the required privilege for a simple user, even in a single
>> desktop or laptop installation. There is a folder for public files in
>> every home directory which should be accessed from other accounts.
>> There is a question Why can other users see the files in my home
>> folder? in which a "majority of users of Ubuntu systems  ... or are
>> sharing with friends and relatives." is one of the answers. Also
>> another answer is "to make it easier for new users to share files".
>> Both answers make the public directory unnecessary. Either a public
>> directory should not exist at all (in order not to confuse new and old
>> users)  or a public directory should be public as opposite to all
>> other directories (in home folders) which should be hidden (at least
>> for normal users). 
>> Thanks in advance.
>see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Policies#Permissive%20Home%20Directory%20Access
>if you want to adjust this behavior for your install ... 
>    oli
As is mentioned  in the above link:"
By default, Ubuntu is designed to allow users to easily share files and help each other . To support this, each user's default home directory is readable by all other users. Private files could be kept in the "Private" sub-directory..."
1. There is no "Private" sub-directory in my installation. Only Public.2. Even if the intention is to share files, sharing personal preferences should not be an option.
So, either only folders for Documents (and Pictures and Music and Downloads)  should be "public"or only the "Public" folder  should be public. 
Exposing what programs I used (through my conf files being exposed to other users) is at least unwanted and not in the spirit of sharing files but... in the spirit of sharing "preferences".Thanks

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