Errors when building a kernel

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Sat Aug 22 15:15:13 UTC 2015


Am Samstag, den 22.08.2015, 15:56 +0200 schrieb Ralf Mardorf:

> Removing modules from the config that anyway don't get loaded doesn't
> matter, so your analogy doesn't fit, 
i'm not talking about modules ... does your kernel have the sane
apparmor patchlevel and configs set (or does it possibly enable selinux
insead. do you have th esame set of basic filesystem options enabled,
aufs patches in place etc etc)

> but my analogy perfectly fits,
> since I try to avoid everything Ubuntu related. 
if you try to avoid everything ubuntu related, why are you asking on an
ubuntu related list for help then ? 

> JFTR I only try to help
> Ubuntu developers by pointing out that the issue _is not_ kernel
> related.
and ubuntu developers asked you to first compare a clean ubuntu-minimal
install with a mainline binary deb vs the preinstalled deb since that
would be the first step to rule out any ubuntu specific patches.

>  The problem is that tons of packages 1. are already installed
> by a minimal install, even if the user doesn't want any of those
> packages
well, this is how an ubuntu install is defined, like it or not 

> and 2. a lot of stuff is auto started, even if you don't want
> it.
how is this relevant for finding a possible issue with the kernel
config ?

>  IOW regarding the green drive issue I need to check all init
> scripts, systemd units and desktop files and what ever else auto starts
> things that a user didn't install or a user installed, but only want
> to run on demand. Unfortunately the bug gets assigned against linux,
> while I didn't filed it against any package.
because by judgement of a person from the bug tracking team as well as a
kernel developer ruling out the linux package should be the first step
to debug the issue.

> Instead of debate on principles, it would be useful if you could help
> to troubleshoot.
instead of telling us how it is all so much better done on arch (while
not understanding ubuntu and refusing any attempt from others trying to
explain it) and how much ubuntu sucks in its default setup, why dont
simply you listen to advise given ? 

debugging is a collaborative task, having one side refuse collaboration
all the time isn't really getting anything forward ... and on that note
i'm out of that thread ... may others with more patience help you
further if they like the frustration ...

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