Please don't switch to a "3D Task Switcher"

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Tue Aug 4 00:36:13 UTC 2015


I hate 3D task switchers (Windows AERO was god-awful). I love the
current task switcher (like Gnome/Unity-7 uses). 

This OMG Ubuntu article is freaking me out--please don't get rid of a
good thing and replace it with something really, really bad (i.e., a 3D
task switcher:

It is next to impossible to tell what window you are seeing in a 3D Task
Switcher. And Unity currently operates mostly by having 1 window open
for each application, and within that one window, tabs exist to provide
multiple views of that application. So the critical role of a Task
Switcher is to get the user to the correct application (not the correct
window). 3D Task Switchers perform very poorly and are confusing to use.
I hated Aero on Windows-OS and the simplicity of Gnome/Unity-7s task
switcher is one of the things that lured me away from Windows. I cannot
understand why Ubuntu thought it a good idea to even consider developing
such an awful idea for use on ubuntu. 

As a last resort, if a 3D task switcher is implemented, please leave a
dconf-editor setting or something that allows users to have the current
2D Task Switcher that exists in Gnome and Unity-7. Thanks. 


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