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I don't often respond .
Unity was and is a total abortion . If I wanted a tablet or  glass-phone OS
I'd own a tablet or glass-phone. Unity just sucks . What sucks more is that
it is force fed . Having to install something you despise to get something
you want is in no way a pleasant experience  .I hear that that has changed
but I wouldn't know , I've moved on .

*I do understand that installing "server-headless" followed by the display
manager and desktop of your choice has always been an option but , why? Why
can't I have my pudding if  I don't want my meat* ?
*Generalization leads to unintentional obfuscation . Specifications are
there for a reason . Hiding or eliminating functions of an operating system
for the end user's "own good" is a short steep slope to oblivion .  *

Which leads me to the second point . What is wrong with "Synaptic" ?
Anything? Anyone ? Thank You . What is wrong with the Ubuntu Software
Center ? I'll start with slow , clunky , riddled with errors and
permissions issues just to name a very few . Again I understand it's has
come a long way in the last few releases but I wouldn't know I've moved on .

It used to be that learning International Morse code was a right of passage
to the amateur radio community . That is quickly falling by the way side as
more liberal voices want the code abolished as an anachronistic relic of a
past century .
It used to be that rolling your own kernel was a right of passage in and
for Linux . That is quickly falling by the way side as more liberal voices
want the command line abolished as an anachronistic relic of a past century
The result in the amateur radio community was such a watering down of the
user pool that development nearly ceased  due to the proliferation of
appliance users that could barely tune a fish let alone a radio .
Being all things to all people , infinite diversity in infinite
combinations , may be fine for a fictional universe but is a poor business
model . However , a solid base , a mufti-configurable  operating system
with an option list that goes on for days works just fine for me . Trouble
is that's just me . There are enterprise users that want and need a drop in
and  just work headless server . There are tablets and phones(ugh , Yeah
I'm opinionated but usually fair . Phones need to be phones , tablets need
to be lap/notebooks and when it finally gets as far as wearable
"tabiphones" on the wrist ' I'll keep my archaic opinions and hardware  . I
just hope I'm dead when the "bio-embed" option becomes "normal" ) so some
allowance needs to be made . There are casual home users that need a
desktop to take care of everyday tasks Then the power user that just needs
a desktop as access to their toolbox that can be the whole of the
Deb/Ubnt/Third party repos available . I'll let you guess which one I am
from this output of my "home desktop"...

OS: Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64/x86_64 - Distro: Debian 7.6 - CPU: 4 x Intel Xeon
(3000.000 MHz) - Processes: 163 - Uptime: 1d 2h  - Users: 2 - Load Average:
0.66 - Memory Usage: 2127.26MB/28207.35MB (7.54%) - Disk Usage:
623.04GB/2783.91GB (22.38%)

So give the tech toy weenies what they want for their glass phones and
Give the ID10Ts the next edition of M$ and let them deal with an offshore
help desk .
Give the enterprise folk the same , robust , easy to install platform
independent ,operating system that has been available since 8.04
Give me a meat and potatoes install that has no trace of the abortifact
"Unity" with a reasonable choice of display manager and desktop
For gawd's sake leave Synaptic alone , for the most part it works with out
fault .
apt , if I have to explain you don't use Linux

I say three sections
Weenies , They can do wtf ever they want , I really don't care .Just leave
my codebase and kernel alone
Synaptic , hey the cli isn't for everyone and I occasionally use synaptic
to browse rather than apt cache search.
Apt , smaller , faster and mostly all I need or want .

@David Raphael ...

I am in no way a typical user but I have a feeling that I am not that alone
in the community . Trouble is getting folk like me to speak out is like
pulling teeth . Unfortunately I and others like me posses "uncommon sense"
. First it was having to employ a non Pulse Audio plan for nearly three
years while an incomplete and broken beyond repair PA was forced on those
of us that can and do effectively employ legacy hardware . Then it was the
total abortifact "unity" . The one thing each of these had in common was
removal of either one of these heavily integrated (infections?) effectively
destroyed the install . Now it's been bluetooth for several months .
Workarounds popped up on the web immediately because of a strong and
dedicated tech following . I guess what I'm saying here is that if a user
like me has to point out the folly then canonical is in some warm , smelly
and deep .

I am in my own right a power user but only in areas of personal interest .
What little competency I have within *nix comes from poor implementation of
others , incomplete or incomprehensible man pages and documentation and a
curious but unfailing eye for "what's wrong". I pound my way through pages
of comment and opinion only to have a developer tell me "...well everyone
knows that so we didn't feel it necessary to include in the man pages or
docs" . My reply that the number of hits on google that the search for the
error message produced said otherwise fell on deaf ears as did my more
simple question "who is "we"? If you wrote the doc/man than the correct
identifier is "I" . if you contributed to the doc/man then "we" is
appropriate and you must know or at least be aware of the other
contributors ." I never received another response . The fix came from
internet relay chat .

In this one case I'll easily tell what's wrong . Me . I'm in no way
mainstream and that's okay , I know it . I'm not the typical user and I'm
okay with that too . Lastly the one thing that I may do right is ask the
difficult and embarrassing question . Shouldn't there be a place in Ubuntu
for me too ? Unfortunately I wouldn't know because I moved on and I suspect
others like me have and will also if someone at or around canonical doesn't
heed "less is more" .



No one has ever answered this one question ...
Why the 6 month release cycle ? Why not just find a comfortable freeze and
release point rather than feed incomplete , broken , and exploitable code
to the masses just because its a prearranged calender day ?

On Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 4:11 AM, David Raphaël <raphael.david at epfl.ch>

>  Hi everyone!
> With the recent development of Unity8, I have noticed that the Ubuntu
> Software Center is becoming an App Store equivalent, which I think is fine.
> For me, the Ubuntu Software Center should focus on applications and not on
> packages.
> However, I am a bit concerned about package management and I think that
> Ubuntu should develop (or improve) its own package management system in
> order for the distribution to be more administrators friendly. I know there
> already exist synaptic or aptitude, but those are not included by default
> in the distribution and I read somewhere that Canonical wanted only one
> tool by default.
> What about having two main sections in the Ubuntu Software Center: one for
> the applications (related to apps.ubuntu.com with icons, screenshots as
> well as users comments for each entry) and one for the packages (related to
> packages.ubuntu.com with a simple but powerful presentation like
> synaptic)?
> I do not really know what are the actual plans of Canonical but I really
> think splitting the business part (applications) from the traditional open
> source part (packages) would remove any ambiguity and be profitable for
> everyone. The actual Ubuntu Software Center is trying to be in the middle
> of those two approaches, which results in a messy software (in my opinion).
> What do you think?
> Cheers,
> Raphaël
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one of these days I will have an internet connection faster than my
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