Default japanese font for Ubuntu 14.04 is wrong

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Mon Oct 13 10:30:03 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

i have the following problem in ubuntu 14.04, and I am hesitating to post a
bug repport, but it's maybe better to ask you before.

Default japanese font for Ubuntu 14.04 is wrong. For exemple, the kanjis 究
is supposed to be written with its 5th stroke being "square" as it is shown
in . But by default in ubuntu,
the 5th stroke is straight, a little like the 4th. I know there are
different way to display characters, but the default font should follow
some standard. It would be like using a fancy font for the default lating
characters. The default font should follow the font MS Mincho that is the
standard font in Japan, and there is a lot in free font that follow the
standard. In ubuntu 12.04 we could install the package ttf-vlgothic to get
a standard font, but this package was remove in the 14.04. Here is a short
list of kanjis that are wrongly written by default in ubuntu 14.04 and
there is certainly much more:

究 乗 降 語 換 違 雑 誌

I asked to some japanese to confirm me, and they agree with me that some
kanjis are weird in the best case, or completly wrong.

Thank you,

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